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Students working together

The School

Nexus Academy of Lansing gives students flexibility, a unique level of support, and a better focus on learning. With an award-winning, personalized curriculum and a wide array of courses (including the full range of Honors, AP®, and elective classes), we engage students and tailor their studies to their individual goals and interests.

Our modern campus is safe, inviting, and geared for collaboration, while our teachers and Success Coaches are dedicated to providing each student with a world-class learning experience.


Our tuition-free high school features an award-winning curriculum, a staff of caring teachers and Success Coaches focused on each student’s future, and leading-edge technology that brings it all together.

How It Works—Blended Learning

See how the right mix of online and face-to-face instruction fosters a positive, supportive experience that helps students thrive.

The Campus

The college-like environment at Nexus Academy of Lansing encourages focused individual study, classroom teamwork, and personalized support from our teachers. The bright, clean aesthetic and innovative furniture design offers students opportunities for individual and group study.

The Technology

State-of-the-art instructional tools make learning fun and keep students at Nexus Academy of Lansing focused, while our education management system keeps everyone on track. And students and parents can access up-to-the-minute results anytime, anywhere.

Coaching for Success

The school counselors and Success Coaches at Nexus Academy of Lansing work together to help students achieve their goals—in high school and beyond.


Get answers to some of the most common questions about Nexus Academy of Lansing, enrollment, blended learning, and more.