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Nexus Academy Students in a blended classroom

High School Eligibility Requirements

You must meet specific state and program requirements to attend Nexus Academy of Grand Rapids. Student eligibility requirements in Michigan are determined by the Michigan Legislature and the Michigan Board of Education. Nexus Academy is authorized by the Central Michigan University Center for Charter Schools.

Before enrolling, review the following high school eligibility requirements carefully to determine whether your student(s) is eligible to participate. Nexus Academy is currently offering enrollment in grades 9–12.

Note: Nexus Academy of Grand Rapids cannot enroll currently expelled students.

Age Limitations

Students who are more than 19 years of age by September 1st may not enroll in Nexus Academy. A student who turns 19 during the school year may remain enrolled through the end of the year, but will be ineligible for enrollment the following year.

Required Documents

Please provide a copy of the following document for every student to verify age eligibility. To avoid unnecessary delays, provide a copy of this document along with your enrollment documents.

  • Official birth certificate

Geographical Limitations

You must reside in the state of Michigan and provide acceptable proof of residency to be eligible for enrollment in Nexus Academy of Grand Rapids.

Required Documents

A copy of one of the following documents must be provided to verify your legal residence. If you do not have any of these documents, please contact the enrollment team to discuss acceptable alternatives.

  • Gas, electric, Internet, propane delivery, trash, or water bill from the last 60 days that includes your name and service address
  • Mortgage statement from the last 60 days or signed lease agreement
  • Current property tax statement


All students in Michigan must provide a certificate of immunization obtained from and signed by a health care provider.

Medical and Personal Exemptions

Michigan allows for medical or personal exemptions. Parents seeking immunization waivers in Michigan must have the immunization waiver certified by their local health department.

Prior Public Schooling Limitations

There are no prior schooling limitations. Any age-eligible public school, private school or homeschool student may enroll in Nexus Academy.

Other Documentation

You may need to provide additional documentation if any of the following circumstances apply:

  • IEP or 504 plan: If your student has an IEP or a 504 plan, providing a copy of the plan and Multi-disciplinary Evaluation Team Report (MET) will speed your student's proper course placement.