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Blended learning student and teacher

The People

Nexus Academy of Indianapolis' exceptional blended learning model begins with its people. Our caring staff of professional educators is dedicated to the many facets of effective online and face-to-face learning. Our parents stay informed and involved so they can take an active role in personalized student learning plans and helping their students accomplish their study goals. And our students engage and focus in an environment that feels supportive, and positive. Together, the people of Nexus Academy foster a learning experience that creates student success every day.


Our students are all different, with many individual needs, schedules, and goals. But at Nexus Academy of Indianapolis, they also have something in common: a blended learning experience that works.


Nexus Academy parents are highly involved with and included in their students’ academic goals and progress. See how our program benefits parents as well as students.


Whether they’re working on-site or in a virtual classroom, our certified teachers are caring, well qualified, and dedicated to student learning and support.

Success Coaches

With the personalized help of our Success Coaches, Nexus Academy of Indianapolis students stay on track in their studies, manage their time, and learn what success means to them as individuals.

School Counselors

Nexus Academy school counselors are dedicated to helping students make personalized student learning plans and achieve goals. Most important, our school counselors give our students a jump-start for life after high school.


Principals and administrative assistants at Nexus Academy of Indianapolis do more than keep the school running smoothly. From reviewing enrollment applications to assisting teachers to checking academic progress, our school leadership keeps the focus on student achievement.