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Nexus Academy parents of blended learning students

The People—Parents

Parent Involvement in Education

Nexus Academy of Indianapolis parents are highly involved with and included in their students’ academic goals and progress. See how our program benefits parents and helps promote student success. Parents often have just as much influence on their student’s achievement as teachers, and Nexus Academy of Indianapolis makes it easy for parents to get involved in student learning. Our teachers and Success Coaches value and help facilitate a high level of communication and feedback between themselves and parents, and our online tools keep parents up-to-date on student progress. The result of this parent involvement in education is a powerful support system to help Nexus Academy students learn and grow academically.

Partners for Student Success

Improved grades and test scores, higher graduation rates, and greater enrollment are just some of the benefits of parental involvement in our schools. Nexus Academy gives parents a variety of opportunities to partner in their high school student’s education.

Teachers and Success Coaches are readily available to meet with parents online or in person as needed. And with Connexus®, our online education management system, parents can view student grades, test results, and attendance anytime, plus easily message Nexus Academy of Indianapolis staff.