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Nexus Academy blended learning success coaches

The People—Success Coaches

Ensuring and Inspiring Student Success

Our personalized approach to learning begins with our Success Coaches, who serve as mentors, advocates, and facilitators for students throughout their Nexus Academy of Indianapolis careers. During more than half of their classroom on-campus time, students work under the guidance of their Success Coaches, who also serve as a critical link for parents, teachers, and staff.

Using data such as test scores, assignment results, and attendance records, Success Coaches identify student strengths and needs and work with students to develop detailed action plans designed to help them achieve their goals. When a student needs help with a lesson, the Success Coach makes certain that the student connects with just the right person—online teacher, online tutor, or face-to-face staff—to get “unstuck.” And it’s the Success Coach who ensures that students develop the kinds of time-management strategies and study skills they need to thrive at Nexus Academy of Indianapolis and beyond—in college or a career.

Nexus Academy of Indianapolis Success Coaches also excel in communicating and working with students, teachers, and parents to closely monitor action-plan progress throughout the year. They provide an additional level of support to students and teachers, online and in the classroom, helping to ensure academic improvements and inspired learning.