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The Campus

High School in Indianapolis,

A modern facility. A beautifully designed open floor plan. A comfortable, collaborative space. Health and fitness built right in. These are all part of an environment that’s designed to inspire learning and bring out the best in students, and you can find it at the Nexus Academy of Indianapolis campus. Our high school provides academic, physical, and emotional support in a fun, nurturing, flexible setting to help your student excel.

Collaboration in Action

Constructed with collaboration and versatility in mind, Nexus Academy of Indianapolis team zones are “home base” for students during their time on campus. Our open floor plan allows for both student teamwork and socializing as well as independent focus and study. Comfortable furniture and a variety of study settings from which to choose let students feel secure, at ease, and in charge of their learning while helping prepare them for the independence of college and beyond. There are even stationary bikes and balance-ball chairs for students who work best in motion.

The environment is also ideal for helping our staff easily scan the team zone, moving where needed to encourage, guide, and motivate students. Headphones, the shared school value of mutual respect, and the supervision of the Success Coach all make the Nexus Academy of Indianapolis team zones serene and comfortable all day.

Asbestos Management Plan Notice
April 2017
The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) requires Nexus Academy to notify the school community of the school's Asbestos Management Plan. A copy of our school’s Asbestos Management Plan is located in a binder next to the Human Resource Information Board and is available to all during regular school hours. Nexus Academy continues to update and improve its AHERA Asbestos Management Plans.