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Student working with counselor

Counseling—Coaching for Success

Nexus Academy blended schools help students determine and meet goals for themselves every day, even after they’re no longer students. So while our certified counselors and Success Coaches provide top-notch emotional and academic support at the high school level, we also assist with college and career preparation. Our in-person coaching, online workshops, and other resources give students the right tools for long-term success.

Preparing for Life After
High School—College

We know that the right educational fit is extremely important to student success in high school and beyond. That’s why Nexus Academy provides guidance and college preparation resources, online and face-to-face, for community colleges and two- and four-year colleges and universities.

Students get help from certified school counselors—and support from their Success Coaches—on everything from transcripts and admissions testing to college information and tours. Plus, we offer free LiveLesson® online workshops on a wide range of college prep topics.

Preparing for Life After
High School—Career

College isn’t the only successful post-high school path, so Nexus Academy of Indianapolis counseling services offer career prep guidance for students who are already planning their post-college careers and those heading straight into the workforce after graduation.

Our certified counselors provide assistance with career-oriented academic plans, job-hunting strategies, and goal setting. And our free LiveLesson® online workshops include special career-focused classes to give students a head start in exploring and landing the perfect jobs.

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