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Blended learning classroom model

Fluid and High–Tech High School Classroom Model

Our classroom setting is a big part of the Nexus Academy experience. Comfortable and fluid, classrooms are equipped with movable desks so students can move and collaborate, and with high-tech instructional tools that make learning fun and engaging. Only ten to fifteen students make up each class so they can work with and focus on each other, the lessons, and the teacher. See how our blended classroom model compares to traditional and online schools.

Team Zones–Collaborative Learning Spaces in Action

Constructed with collaborative learning and versatility in mind, Nexus Academy team zones are “home base” for students during their time on campus. Here, an open seating selection of couches, café-style tables, and study stations lets students work independently, in small groups, or as a whole team—changing places as often as they need to make the most of their learning time. There are even stationary bikes and balance-ball chairs for students who work best in motion. Headphones, the shared school value of mutual respect, and the supervision of the Success Coach all make the Nexus Academy team zones productive and comfortable all day.

Open Environments–Flexibility for Team or Personal Study

Our open floor plan allows for both student teamwork and socializing as well as personal focus and study. The classroom environment is also ideal for helping our staff easily monitor the space and communicate with students and each other. Comfortable furniture and a variety of study settings from which to choose let students feel secure, at ease, and in charge of their learning while helping prepare them for the independence of college and beyond.